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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our ultimate source for weather data is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA for short). We pull historical weather data from the thousands of weather stations across the US, and geospatially match them to their nearest respective zip code.

    Businesses use this data to correlate their sales to weather, assess opportunities and gauge consumer preferences.

    We provide many in-depth use cases and examples on our blog.

    After your purchase, you will receive an email link to download the data that last 24 hours after purchase. If the link expires before you are able to download, just shoot us an email and we will resend to you.

    The data comes in a simple excel spreadsheet.

    We keep things simple. Our data is for non-weather experts; for analysts and managers who want to focus on opportunities, business takeaways and correlations uncovered by weather data.

    No subscriptions or opaque pricing. You can immediately access the data after purchase so you can get going on your analysis.

    The data is in fact free via the NOAA but extremely cumbersome to navigate

    This is often the case with government data. For example, all publicly traded firms report their financials to the SEC. But that data is not provided to would-be users in a friendly format. As such, firms specialize in “translating” the government data to something far more digestible.

    Unfortunately we do not offer refunds because once a digital copy of the data is released we have no way of knowing whether it was used or not. This is very different compared to a physical good or service contract with milestones.

    We provide free samples and data explainers so you know exactly what you are purchasing ahead of time

    Most importantly, we are adamant to ensure you are satisfied and happy to connect to go over any questions, tweaks or customizations.