Necessity is the mother of all invention. And that is exactly how our story came to be.

WeatherDatabyZipCode originally started as a DIY vineyard website. To launch our DIY vineyard site, we wanted to have a zip code drop down so visitors could find out what kind of grape vines they could grow at home based on their zip code.

But to do that, we needed the historical temperature and rainfall for every single zip code in the US. Turns out that information is very difficult to come by.

We painstakingly processed hundreds of millions of historical data points from weather stations across the country, converting them all into a highly workable, digestible data set.

Since 2018, we have helped organizations big and small, including management consulting firms, vineyards, think-tanks, pharmaceutical companies, bottled water brands and meal kit delivery providers just to name a few.

Our team is based in the beautiful wine country of the great Pacific Northwest, USA.